David Tate





*David with his son Lucas, and their new “friend” Stan Lee.

-Project: Wish Upon A Star.org
-Marketing/Social Officer
-(661) 496-1175

Mr. Tate was announced as our first “Project” recipient
and a door was opened to a life long friendship. His son,
now 7 years old, was stricken with a rare form of Leukemia
and was chosen by Camp Ronald McDonald directors to
be our sponsored family for our foundations first major
project, “Superhero Family” as guests at the 2016 LA
Comic Con.
Mr. Tate knows first hand about the processes involving
childhood cancer & treatment and has become a
Pediatric Nurse just this year after being involved with his
son Lucas and his treatments for nearly 2 years at UCLA.
His role with Project: Wish Upon A Star, involves his
connection to treatments first-hand & is our structure for
who and what we do as a foundation as well as where
we are heading in the future of “Project:Wish Upon A Star.
Lucas and his brother are involved in technologies such as
Gaming, Design & Robotics.