“Making The World a Brighter Place, One Star at a Time…”

 About Us!

At Project: Wish Upon A Star, we are about making DREAMS come true through the magic of stars and people like you who make that dream happen. PWUAS is a 501(C)3 Children's Charity that helps ALL child patients from ALL organizations with unique STEM/STEAM programs, experiences and "Projects" we create. We are a charity that helps kids fighting situations such as cancer by giving them opportunities to learn, grow and experience things that help them "positively" during and after their treatment routines. We help the process by giving them goals and positive opportunities, art and writing skills, even creating or reading graphic novels that enhance their mindset, often shortening and greatly aiding the recovery processes. By doing so, the time spent reflects a more "positive" perspective, which ironically can reduce a patients recovery time and treatment outcome(s).


PWUAS.ORG is more than turning dreams into reality, it is about changing the lives of child patients ....FOREVER!

The children we choose are from organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities/Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, as well as Children's Hospitals of California. Our goal is to make the world a brighter place for kids with conditions such as cancer, one 'Project' at a time. The more stars we have like you, the brighter their world will be.

*Project: Wish Upon A Star is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization with a social mission to make dreams come true for kids with cancer and other illnesses. Follow us as we make history in our educational STEM/ART 'Projects' for long-term patients in addition to the lasting memories we create!

Our tax ID number is 81-4498132

Annie Blake 2017’s Project: SUPERHERO!

Annie was 3 years old and had been sick for a few weeks with high fevers. On Oct. 30, 2015, Annie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL for short) and her cancer journey began at just 3 years old, 2 weeks shy of her 4th birthday. Annie’s mom and dad were both firefighters prior to the diagnosis. In order to be with her daughter every step of the way, Misty chose to leave her active duty.

Annie had chemo treatments daily for 18 months. This little girl is a true Superhero, and her journey is not over yet.

Annie and her younger brother Benji have an amazing bond and both have a love for Superheroes even hosting a blood drive with a Superhero theme to give back to the community that has helped them in this fight. Annie turned 6 in November 2017, and we celebrated her Birthday at LA Comic-Con. We rolled out the Purple Carpet and gave this little Superhero the ‘STAR’ treatment ….
#PWUAS #ImaStar! See her profile here


Our Mascot: STAR the COW!

Artist rendition of our “Little Star Catcher”
by Artist Agnes Garbowska

Our “Live” Mascot… BABY GROVER

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*Project: Wish Upon A Star is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Children’s cancer charity.
We are not affiliated nor sponsored by Lucasfilm, DC, Disney or any of their affiliates such as Marvel/Marvel Entertainment.
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