Calling all “Heroes”………

So, around May 2016, we came up with the idea of turning a patient into a SUPERHERO! and then taking the patient to LA Comic-Con to meet celebrities, other Superheroes, even Stan Lee himself!

Then it was hmmmm, “how do we fund it?” So, we designed POS (Point Of Sale) banks that resembled Superheroes, comic characters and Star Wars Droids to grab attention. We placed them all over in book stores, comic shops and retailers from the Central Valley to Southern Los Angeles areas-

Then, we came up with a idea only ZEUS could have:  A RETAILER INCENTIVE!  *Patron/Retailer with the highest amount collected would then be awarded our first Annual Retailer Award. *Plus, POW!  …….we will have Stan Lee sign it making it truly a “one of a kind” incentive, showing their customers what they and their patrons achieved!   The rest is history……

The 2017 Banks are in stores now!

2016 Project: Superhero! – Lucas Tate                 2016 Retail Award Recipient – Dave Allread

Project: SUPERHERO! will continue to be unique. We thank HOT TOPIC, Stan Lee, Max Anderson, Sheraton Grand Los Angeles and everyone who help us bring this to life!



© 2016 Project Wish Upon A Star, All Rights Reserved *Project: Wish Upon A Star is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Children’s cancer charity. We are not affiliated nor sponsored by Lucasfilm, DC, Disney or any of their affiliates such as Marvel/Marvel Entertainment. Stan Lee and Comikaze Entertainment have generously supported our vision to reach out to children through their pop culture events but are not sponsors, members or financial aspects of our “Projects” we create to help patients.