Project: Superhero 2017 Labor Day Weekend Update

Just a few days ago, I gave an update about the bank fundraising effort. At that time, we were planning on distributing 16 banks, as of today, that list has grown to 35 vendors! The list of stores is available on the post for Getting ready for Project: Superhero!. We now have 17 of the banks  completed. We are expecting to have the rest of the banks ready and in stores by September 8. That date will permit us just over a month for this fund raising effort. Sincerest thanks for your support, Vernon Sanders – Technical Assistant for Project:

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Getting Ready for Project: Superhero

Hello all, We are hard at work here at getting the banks ready for our big fundraising effort. Also, we are furiously updating the website to make sure you have the latest and greatest information of what we are up to. Today, we have made four of the sixteen banks we hope to have set up in stores by September 1st. If you see one in your local comic shop, please consider helping us with your donation. We hope to have weekly updates to the site, so please check back regularly.   *These 2017 banks have been shipped to

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Project: Superhero!

CURRENTLY 'CREATING' SUPERHEROES! Banks are Shipping We are currently shipping banks to your favorite retailers, comic shops, book & specialty stores. We are doing this in order to raise funds for our 2017 Project: SUPERHERO!  Campaign!

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