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Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con/Project: Superhero!

We’ve introduced you to Annie Blake, our 2017 Project: Superhero! recipient. Her story can be found here. We’ve told you that Hardly Heroes will be at our booth this year. Now, we are pleased to say that Tim Munsey will be producing his one-of-a-kind woodworking pieces of art. We will also be joined this year by Central valley artist Beth Izard and Stephen Costantino. Also, we are in the finishing stages of preparing our booth design.

Annie of Team Annie Bananie has her own Facebook page, so you can follow her progress and story. She is a wonder of a girl who is just so happy for the opportunity to be a part of the exciting weekend up ahead. We have many surprises in store for her and her family, and can hardly contain our excitement for them.

Speaking of Hardly, Hardly Heroes will be broadcasting live from our booth, and they plan to have a Facebook live stream. These guys have an energy and enthusiasm that is very infectious. We are hoping this is the start of a long running Marvelous Team-Up story.

Along the line of heroes, Tim Munsey, who does superhero cut-outs busting out of comic book backgrounds will be volunteering at our booth, and showcasing his work. He is even working on a project for Stan the man, himself!

Beth Izard is a talented artist who drew a limited edition piece for California Republic Comic-Con. She will be with us on Saturday. For this event, she will be making another limited edition print for Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con, featuring Stan Lee. She will be available for signings, and her artwork will be on display.

Stephen Costantino, who played a Gammorean guard in Return of the Jedi, will be joining us, taking pictures and signing autographs.

And, lest we forget, PWUAS (us), are working on our booth. We’re working on making a cityscape background for our booth, which we hope will help leave you all with a lasting impression of who we are, and why we’re here. Looking forward to meeting as many people as we can October 27 – 29.

2017 Project: Superhero! Recipient Announced! – Meet Annie Blake

Annie Blake is our Superhero this year for Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con!

We are looking forward to having the Blakes be our very special guests this year!

AmAzInG News!

Hardly Heroes will be special guests at our LA Comic-Con booth!

*These are a bunch of FAN-tastic dudes, Pop Culture enthusiasts from our capitol state! Come by and hang out and maybe share your fandom!

California Republic Comic-Con

We had a huge success with the California Republic comic-Con! Thank you Colossal Girl Entertainment for having us there! We were able to meet the group of Hardly Heroes, they are truly a great group of people. We also were able to meet with artists Kevin Green and Corey David. The really big story for us at this con was how well the Charity Dogs did, we were able to raise a lot of money for Project: Superhero, and hope to be back next year to do it all again.

Hollywood Show – 10/20 – 10/22/2017

We will be at the Hollywood Show on 10/21/2017. If you’re attending the show, please come by and say hi.